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There is nothing like well-made tea for relaxing and pampering oneself in the morning and Diner time. Imagine the moment the feel of a warm cup in winter and an ice cup in the summer, the sight of the clear drink, and the delicate aroma of choice tea. Now take a sip and engross yourself in the enchanting taste which is so loved. TanphongTea Company invites you to discover a whole world of tea and infusions, a world full of rich tastes and fragrances. Tea is more than a drink. Drinking tea is a total experience which stimulates all the senses. Tea is a subject bearing memories and stories of distant and exotic lands. Tea is a culture interwoven with charming ceremonies. Tea symbolizes tradition in addition to its welcome effect of refreshing and revitalizing us. Tea is a healthy way of life and brings calm and harmony. The quality infusions of TanphongTea complement the tea experience and offer a collection of wonderful and delightful tastes. TanphongTea Company stands at the forefront of the Vietnam tea industry and is the leader in promoting the culture of tea in Vietnam. TanphongTea experts strive all the time to develop a rich variety of new types of tea and infusions.
Classic black tea , Green Tea,  Premium Quality Tea, perfect Infusions Teas , - make up the world of choice teas and infusions of TanphongTea Meticulous maintenance of quality, expertise and innovativeness These are the foundations of the considerable success of TanphongTea  company and underscore its position as the leading tea company in Vietnam.


Tan Phong Tea, the Vietnamese tea Manufacturer, specializes in tea planting, production, selling and research. As an CTC, Orthodox and Green Tea supplier & Exporter, it is able to supply products which pass EU pesticides limitation, Tan Phong Black tea and Green tea at keen prices on a regular basis.

Tan Phong Tea Company is renowned for Black Tea and Green tea. Every year, its premium Green tea, CTC and Orthodox tea are sought after by tea Connoisseurs. It is also a reputable Green tea, Orthodox and CTC tea manufacturer and supplier. TanphongTea is one of Vietnam Tea supplier well-known for Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States of America, UAE, Germany, England, Israel and China Market., TanphongTea has joined as one of the biggest Green tea, CTC and Orthodox Manufacturer &Supplier in Viet Nam. Tan Phong Tea is even well positioned to be Green tea and Black tea supplier to help you source the finest and rarest Vietnamese teas.

Tan Phong Tea is an Experience tea exporter. Our Export operations commenced with shipments of bulk tea and gradually expanded to packet tea and tea bags in line with customers’ requirement. We enjoy an enviable reputation for our expertise in catering for customers’ needs. Our clients comprise of well-known and respected tea companies internationally, many of whom have been in business with us for decades.

Tan Phong Tea was among the first take an active part in processing high quality tea in Viet Nam. Now, TanphongTea is a well-known tea supplier and Exporter to America, EU and Asia.

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In term of management teams, Tanphong concentrated to develop the ability of our staffs through the practical programs at working sites. The programs and working environment is open, innovative and encouraging young talents Vietnam to achieve experiences and involve with more complicate and higher level in Company. Tanphong to promote work culture as trust, cooperation and sharing experience and encourage the diversity of each individual because the company believe that the staff of the more diverse the better reflect the different expectation of consumers. Since the lives of more and more consumers can be improved more comprehensive and more fulfilling.



The leading producer and exporter of tea in Vietnam, TanphongTea was founded in 1993 in Vietnam:


From 1988 to 1993 Tanphong is agent and distributors of Fertilizers and Soaps for LAM THAO FERTILIZERS AND CHEMICALS JOINT-STOCK COMPANY


IN 1993 The first small Factory is Textile for Labor Workers




IN 1995 the second small Factory is Carton boxes:



IN 1996 the third small Factory is PP Woven Textiles



In 1998 the first Factory of tea was established



 Its first tea plant production in Vietnam in 1998. Since that time the company has built a tradition for uncompromising devotion to producing the highest quality tea and this is evident from the selection of the ingredients and throughout the production process.
Our teas are designed to satisfy the local and international tasters and our continual innovation of new producing Technology of made teas to promote buyer’s satisfaction. Highest attention is given by TanphongTea to strengthen the culture of tea in Vietnam. The TanPhongTea Joint Stock Company offers to the buyers an unforgettable "tea experience" and provides a wealth of information about tea.